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7:01 PM

13.1 mi


6:25 mi


31 F
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3E-4x(2T, 2min jog)-1E

Good stuff! Maybe not thrilled with the last rep or two but overall the paces and effort were pretty consistent, and I definitely didn't expect to be able to motivate myself to do something like this at the start of the run. Didn't look at my watch all too often, was trying to go by feel a little more than usual. For the dark (and I guess cold but maybe that's nbd) I think this came out just fine. Started the first rep and half expected to see 6:30 by the time I looked at my watch but was pleasantly surprised to see I was running near an appropriate tempo pace. Probably cooked myself a teensy bit with that 5:37, that was a mistake, and I expected to see faster for the last couple reps, but this is a long workout that certainly isn't easy. Looks like 5:44 avg on the T miles, not amazing but probably could have managed a few seconds faster in the daylight, but regardless still solid (and certainly faster than when i did it back in Feb or so).