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12:30 PM

1 mi


4:40 mi


I can roll with this! Hey, it's not the time that I wanted at the start of the season, but sometimes you make adjustments. Sure, states was still the reach goal, but I NEEDED to get under 4:40 at least. Was in the slow heat with a 4:37.5 seed time (fastest seed time but there were plenty of people close). Got out hard but refused to lead the race, so I hopped right behind leader. A slow first 209 (36) caused some other guy to move up, and I went with him and hung on his shoulder as the pace quickened (33.x). Next two laps were right on 34s and I heard 2:18 at the half, could have been a second slower. The guy I was hanging on started to drop a little on lap 5 and more on lap 6, so I moved past for the 7th but got outkicked in the last 100 of 8 (no response). Apparently another slow last 400, little better with a 71 I think but hardly a kick.

Strategy wise, pretty good with two main problems. First big problem was that first lap, which I probably could have fixed a little except I was terrified of going in front. Second big problem was laps 5 and 6 where I got comfortable and hung with a dropping leader. I was still working but I'm sure there were two seconds to gain in those two laps. Coach thinks I should have been capable of a 4:36 and I could definitely see that with 1s off lap 1 and 1s off each laps 5/6, but hey, gave it a good effort with smart racing today, and I'm finally under 4:40, so I could walk away from today satisfied.