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8:12 PM

7.5 mi


7:07 mi


155 bpm
183 bpm


70 F
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Rained for a lot of the day but got really stormy by the time I got home. Didn't seem like it was really going to clear up in time for a run according to the radar but figured I'd wait it out and just hop on the treadmill around 8 or so if it continued to stay bad. Fortunately it basically cleared up completely by around 7:30 and ended up being very comfortable outside. Made the always-questionable call of eating dinner before the run but overall was a non-issue

Weather was cool enough for an impromptu progression but not nearly long or hard enough to call it as such. 7th mile consisted of pick-ups. By that time it was dark so I don't really care how the pace came out, I couldn't really see. Was sprinkled on here and there but overall stayed dry enough, just had to wade through a few puddles here in there including one that was probably about 3in deep!