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10.6 mi


6:38 mi


Oh EFF ya, this is what I needed. 83 with no heat index, realtively dry day, and I just felt GREAT. Felt like myself again after a very shitty few days. Back on that horse again. This felt like a JOG, wasn't trying, even at the end of the run I was keeping a 3-3 breathing rhythm at most (just happened to notice). Had a comfortable bounce, legs felt good, everything just hunky dory. It was my 3ish on the trails, then ~7.3 on the roads at 6:34 pace so I'll just go a little slower with the pace to be safe. The heat bump is REAL, motherduckers.

Night shift tonight from 7-7. Ideally after work I'm going to feel plucky enough to do my Tuesday run, but if not, I can do it after sleep and no problem. Even MORE ideally, I do my WO after work, and then sleep and then 4 before work tomorrow! But we'll see... First gotta make it through this shift awake!



You are working the midnight shift on your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL...after midnight

Paul Malek

It's after midnight so THANKS. Yeah can you believe it? It's a good thing they're paying my salary or else I definitely wouldn't have done it