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13.1 mi


6:54 mi


The same 8.23 on the roads as two weeks ago (56:48, 6:54 pace), then 2x out-and-back on the trail. Trail passes were quick, definitely think I sped up from the road but I'll just log the same pace since the terrain should be slower (though I was often on grass shoulder rather than road). Deceptively hot out there, definitely was running low on fluids by the end and didn't hydrate well enough during the day. Still managed to close out fine, though. Just have to remember to drink drink drink!

Could have been a 70 week if it weren't for crap days Monday and Saturday, but hey, still improving. Going to get to 70 in singles next week before starting to double (mainly because I don't want to run at 5am just yet...).

Made a little turtle friend! And by that, I mean I dodged stepping on a turtle. He was inquisitive though.



Don't be afraid to drink mid run