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9:07 AM

19.1 mi


6:29 mi


65 F
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Doesn't give me a super warm fuzzy feeling as opposed to 2 weeks ago, but I know the weather had a lot to do with it. Started around 65 but was up at 77 by the end, humid too... puddles of sweat. Started earlier than normal but definitely should have tried for even earlier.

But overall obviously a good effort, just not happy with how I was feeling from ~15 onwards. I wanted to challenge myself a bit today to see what I can maybe expect as best-case scenario at Boston. Workout was 4E-6M-1T-6M-2E and was aiming for 6:10 - 5:45 - <6:10. Ended up at 6:08.0, 5:45, 6:08.6, so yeah technically got what I wanted but not happy with being slower on the second half and ending with the slowest mile. I was feeling strong through 11/13 but the last two got tough. Definitely would have benefited from hitting the water fountain more frequently (though it also would have slowed the pace so that's a double-edged sword I suppose). Water on 7-12-18 (7-8s each) and pee break on 4 (~20s) with watch running obvi obvi. Probably shot myself in the foot a bit by not letting each water mile be slower but oh well.

It's a good lesson for sure... I didn't bonk today but I got to the edge of bonk, and that's not great news for only essentially just half of the race. I don't know if I'd be ready for 6:05-6:10 in ideal conditions (say, my 44deg day from 2 weeks ago) especially on a hilly Boston course, but I know it would be extremely foolish to even attempt that for a day with similar weather to today or even a little cooler. But gotta say, the fact that I can even consider sub 6:10 is pretty nuts even just considering where I was a month ago... and maybe nuts in more way than one...

Over 90! Really it's just the past 2 weeks plus a third double. Plan is still 80-70-(race week) for now, and probably makes sense considering Ireland travel coming up on Wed. I'll try to double Mon and Tues to put a little in the bank just in case... you never know with work trips.