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3:30 PM

5 km


5:15 mi


5K TT on the track with Taylor. Temp in the mid 40s, wind on the homestretch.

Nothing good to say about this one other than it's a good kick in the ass. Goal was just under 16, so 5:08, 5:08, and push. Came through in 5:03, so a little quick but not unreasonable. At that point, I tried to get a little more comfortable and Taylor started pulling away. Started breaking down after 6 laps, and went downhill from there. Taylor went 15:38 solo after 2.4K, not too shabby. No excuses, disappointing day and time to kick it into the next gear.

Kind of messed up taking splits but as best as I can tell:

3:08 (3:12s gets 16:00)

6:19 (3:11)

9:36 (3:17)

12:47 (3:21)

16:16 (3:19)

Well, now I know where I'm at and it's not where I want to be, so it's time to buckle down. We'll call this a rust buster, it's still plenty early at least.



Sorry I made it hurt yesterday, I should have taken it easy on you guys.

Paul Malek

It's okay I'll just trip you in Dartmouth and we'll call it even.

Robert LaMarre

lol pat

Paul Malek

worst part was him taunting us the whole time. "YOU CALL THAT RUNNING" "RUN FORREST RUN" "I OUTKICKED MIKE KURVACH....... TWICE"

Paul Malek

some things you can't unhear


You"ll get need to do some faster reps...lacking that economy. 200/400/600 at mile effort stuff and then some good tempos and fartleks


Also not the successful Paul strategy of negative splitting

Paul Malek

Yeah seriously, it wasn't my race style at all. But would rather have tried to run with Taylor for as long as possible than do the whole thing alone. But yeah that's what I figured. Going to get a solid interval workout in Fri or Sat and then see from there