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12:00 PM

8 km


5:26 mi

Race Result

63 / 255 (24.7%)


Well, not super. Made a dumb dumb dumb judgment call on the first mile, but managed to string together a decent race from there. Sorry if I slowed people down that trusted me :'( Live and learn.

Splits: 5:40, 5:25, 5:25, 5:30, 5:00 (5:14ish)

So yeah, first mile was dumb, probably 15-20s slower than it should have been. But, worked up to Tyler before 2 and we did work from there. I guess mile 4 was slow, but that was probably the hardest mile of the course and we were still snagging people left and right (also, may have gone 5:25 5:05, who knows). Tyler and I made a good team, played off each other from 2-4 while moving up more and more. He started to take off after 4, I lost a little ground but got back in contact, but his kick was a little stronger than mine. He helped me out big time last 1000+. Glad to see him under 27 for evidently the first time.

Team is looking a lot stronger in 8K #2. We'll be where we need to be at the right time! Bobby Parker moving up for a 1-2 punch, Ben Fazio getting closer to where he can be, Dan looking great in his first (completed) 8k, Tyler coming around now, and a few biting at our heels. Keep on moving up, moving forward. Tyler and I could have run at least 10s faster with smarter races. I can't be quite as conservative in such a big race on a course like this especially. Personally, not too happy, especially for a course that should be fast, but live and learn. Good for 7 on the team and our 6-7 was better than everyone's but Geneseo. That's something.

Hey, I'm disappointed with a 26:59. I like that.

I can do much better.



I like those splits

Paul Malek

Well they're promising fitness-wise but not ideal for a race times, I'd say

Jarrett Kunze



Definitely not ideal, but a good way to run on October 5th.

Paul Malek

Yeah for sure, and better this way than in reverse order haha.