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2:26 PM

22.5 mi


6:50 mi

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Wanted to do at least one 22+ mi run before Boston and I realized I barely have any time left! Tried mixing in some faster miles but I was definitely feeling yesterday (and the wind wasn't helping) so nixed that plan for the last 1/3 of the run. But then as it turned out, I found a bit of a second wind and naturally settled into 6:4x pace or so, so I gave the last two miles a bit of a push again. Not my finest run but certainly solid and I'd say served its purpose of a big, long effort on tired legs. Water at 7 and 15.5, gels at roughly 6, 12, and 18. Longest training run by distance but have gone a couple minutes longer by time.

A bit shy on miles after a day off and two pre-race days but nbd. Will go for 80s the next two weeks before 2 weeks of tapering for CRBR and BM.

Hmmm, 35 in 5 days and then 35 in 2 days 🤔

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20 mi