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10:48 AM

4.3 mi


7:11 mi


53 F
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Planned to run before work but I didn't get to sleep early enough and just didn't want to run when I woke up. But, felt guilty enough that I decided to do an unprecedented WORK RUN. Unfortunately pretty much just confirmed that it's not really feasible. Decided Marrington was too far, but only other thing close was a small neighborhood off Bushy Park. Didn't know if I could park there, so parked at boat launch knowing it would mean a little time spent on Bushy Park. Scoped it out in the morning and saw there was enough grass on the side of the road for the stretch I needed but still didn't feel very safe once I got on it (speed limit 55mph but people typically aren't going thay fast at the end there, especially with the railroad tracks). The neighborhood was only about 0.4mi long so I had to go o&b 4 times to get this distance.

On the plus side, I generally felt good!