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9:00 AM

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HUGE 10K in Charleston, 5th largest road race in the US apparently. Race is won each year in mid 28 or faster and payout is $10,000 for first. The Africans come out in full force so I'll be a little ways back but I hope to walk away with a nice PR. Cracking the top 25 would be a good goal, seeing as that tends to be between 32:30-33:00. I'll have a better idea of time by the time goal as I get closer. I suspect March in SC is perfect running weather... should be a good time. A lot can happen between then and now, but this is the premiere event on my calendar for the time being.

Update 1/24 - Sub 34 and top 40 is probably a better goal, but we'll see how I develop over the next few months.

Update 3/1 - Going to keep my mind unbound. I think sub 33 is a big stretch but is maybe possible but hey, LET'S JUST GO RUN.

Update 3/23 - Sub 33? Ya ok, Mar 1st Paul. Not with that hill. Sub 33:30 or bust.