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1:00 PM

800 m


4:17 mi


Not terrible. I don't know, lukewarm about it. I was afraid of going out too fast like I tend to do and getting burned, so I wanted to keep it controlled... but instead I got too comfortable and let the race get away from me. Stayed out of first lap trouble, pushing and speeding, but a big gap formed that I didn't really make any effort to close until lap 4. Nervous wreck since stepping off the bus, but once the race was over, had no problem busting out some quick 200s. Wasn't a bad race plan, but the whole thing just should have been faster and I should have been more involved in the race.

I mean, only 2 seconds off my PR but that's a 2:05 and I've been shooting for 2:01 since last season soooooooooo.......