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5 km


5:26 mi


Listed as Paul M K in the results but I assure you that's me. Took home the W but time isn't impressive by any means. Wasn't expecting anything quick but was thinking 16:30 would be about right so that's kind of a bummer. Started off the race and it was pretty much instantly clear that I would take it. Started off a little slow but took over around 0.4mi in I'd say. Threw in a little surge to discourage anyone from following, and then it was the Paul show for the rest of the race. First mile 5:17, then I had a hard time pushing by myself for the next two, 5:32 and probably just a little faster on the next. Wasn't a certified course so long is a tiny possibility but I think it was just a lack of willingness to push myself unnecessarily. Wasn't as cool as I was hoping it would be at 8 and the air was thick from the rain, but more fair than unfair I think, at least compared to last time for sure. About 30s up by two miles and just under a minute up by the end. Plaque for the win!

Not super but I would hesitate to say I'm only in 16:50 shape. I'll be better on the next one.


Edward Martinez

Gotta get that rust buster in. Looking good!

Nolan MD

Lol "Iam Unknown" how clever

Paul Malek

Nothing more humble than going anonymous in a 5k!