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6:22 mi

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This went pretty well. Decided I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and get back to the plan or else these past so many weeks will have been for naught. This is what the schedule called for... 1E and 10@ marathon pace (pft whatever that means). Honestly, this probably felt so easy because I did essentially nothing this week, but daylight and low humidity were definitely contributing factors too. Started off on the trail with some quick segments despite having to dodge a bunch of puddles and slippery ground, and though I still only have a rough idea, I'm pretty sure I ran those 4 going from 6:30 to 6:10 pace. To verify, I went out onto the roads and measured against some landmarks, and I ran those 3 at 6:05 or faster (easier terrain, not surprising). Chilled out on the final miles and went back into the trail because there wasn't much shade on the roads, but those miles were still at a good clip.

Pretty ashamed of this week but getting back on that horse. One more week of Phase II before moving into Phase III.


Paul Malek

Psh you think I'm just going to reveal Jack Daniels's secrets for free?!?! FAT CHANCE

Paul Malek

(long intervals basically)