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Womp womp womp, ankle (and actually more outside of foot as I feel around now) wasn't having it quite yet today. Hurting by the end of the WU but I thought I'd give the WO a try today. Got to the nice neighborhood with the ~half mile loop and gave it a go. Started off optimistic, but by the second lap pains (ankle/foot plus Achilles more than usual) started creeping in and by 1mi I was not liking the feel at all. I maybe could have worked through it but I did not see the reward outweighing the risk. Too bad too, because otherwise I was feeling groovy, but there's always another day.

Looks like it'll be a little bit of a down week but it is what it is. I'd rather take a small hit now than a big hit later. Still time to get back on the horse for CDC. Some TP therapy may help this new pain... too soon to tell, but supposedly peroneus brevis TP might help. Hopefully that's all and a speedy recovery comes of it.