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4:48 PM

7.3 mi


7:09 mi


81 F
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Ran with Sam again! Warm day but we got a little sprinkled on and that cooled it down some. We definitely went faster this time, but again I think GPS wasn't representative through the trails. Again bumped up the distance to at least match Sam's watch but we probably did a little more than that too. I only glanced at the time at the 3rd mi mark and we were a good deal quicker than I usually am through there (saw 20:xx and I think low 20s but only glanced quickly... makes sense looking at map, RA splits say ~13:30 at the 2mi mark which is a little short comparitively). I guess my fault since I was leading but it didn't feel tough and just assumed the heat was making it tougher. No biggie, nothing crazy.

Picked up a little tightness in left calf around 4. Not super worried about it but obviously easy to freak out this close to the race. Will work on it.