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4:42 PM

6800 m


5:19 mi


75 F
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2x200, 100walk/100jog

6x1000 (800 @ T, 200 @ R), 100walk/300jog

2x200, 100 walk/100jog

WO on Daniel Island. I didn't want to do anything too crazy since the past few days have all had at least a little something to them (semi WO, progression, lift), so thought this might be reasonable. Was mostly inspired by King Ches kicking away from the little boys in NCAA when coming up with this one, just thought it might be fun to work on changing gears and running hard at the end of a rep. It was very manageable, T pace felt silly easy for that distance and the last 200 just felt groovy. One complaint was it was too warm and sunny, always slack hydrating on the weekends, gotta work on that. Rest before 4 ran a little long as I searched for a water fountain around to no avail, but probably for the best because the outdoor fountains haven't agreed with me in the past (though could just have been coincidence).