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6:45 mi

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Race against mother nature! Started the run to the sound of rumbling thunder, knew a storm was coming. Stayed on the trail by my place so I was never more than 1 linear mile from home if it got really bad. Decided to end the last 45ish seconds of each trail pass as a pickup but with how much rest that left (~5.5min), I won't call this a fartlek. Still, moving at a good pace... averaged each pass faster than my previous fastest pass, so that's coo. On the 6th I got poured on, so I ran back to the apartments intending to treadmill before it got worse, but it actually cleared up mostly by the time I got back, so I took advantage of the slightly cooler temps and did my remaining minutes on the road. That was 3.33 @ 6:25, so I feel confident calling this 6:45 overall, and likely quicker honestly. Either way, good day.