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6:16 AM

12.1 mi


6:59 mi


40 F
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Morning progression MLR. Unfortunately had to stick to near hotel because I was squeezing this in before work, plus don't think the trailhead I go to would have even been open yet. That meant it was time for the DOUBLE DOUBLE loop! (First time ever???) Wanted to do some sort of quality but especially after a few days off I wasn't going to force it and would have gone all easy if I needed to. Was pretty tired upon starting and the first 3-4 miles were pretty groggy, so I ditched the idea of tempo stuff and thought I'd try again at that 7:00-mirrored progression. Was kind of funny because it was basically a foregone conclusion to me that I'd be able to do it, yet I was only on mile 5 and pushing a bit to be running 7:10s. But sure enough, no problems when I started dipping down into the 6s. I mean there certainly shouldn't have been, 12@7 is nothing crazy, but still, gotta take the wins where you can get em.