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9.9 mi


6:51 mi

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Birthday workout 2k14. Logging this lazily, got to get some sleep! Couldn't resist the low 70s after getting out of work, so despite being plenty tired, opted for workout first, sleep second. Went to Marrington and ran the ~2 over to the track on the naval base for the WO. Not impressed with these numbers but not disappointed, especially considering the circumstances. (10.5 @ 4:00 yesterday, 20min nap, 12 hour night shift, and straight into this, not to mention how weird I still feel from flipping my day.) 200s on point pretty much, 400s slow but no biggie yet. The point of working out is to get faster, right? Right. No problemo.

5x(200-200-400)... intended to do 6 but I birthday shortened it

previous rep distance jog between, all continuous save for a min or two between WU, WO, and CD


Edward Martinez

My mans. Good ish and happy birthday