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9:00 PM

5 km


5:14 mi


Well fug me. Guess I'm not really in all that great of shape after all. Under the lights 5k at UAlbany, ~9pm race. A few weeks back thought I'd breeze through this 16 min barrier but it's proving to be significantly tougher than expected. Seemed like most everyone in the distance events struggled a bit at that meet though, DIII, DII, and DI guys alike, so that's a little consolation I guess. But still, cmon. Well, at least it's better than 4:26 at last year's "last chance" meet...

And before I get all analytical and mopey, let me just say I had a very fun day and I love racing and I'll take any chance I can get to run with Pat and Jarrett and any other alumni out there!

So that said... Plan was to stick in the back just south of 16min pace and then seal the deal in the last mile. Went to the back and the first 200 was quick still but started clicking off the right numbers after that. Pat took pacing duties from about 600 to 2.05K and he was NAILING it... thought he'd stick around and bust one out but alas. 1600 in about 5:04-5, pretty spot on. Kept pretty comfortable through 3K though the pace sagged a bit (9:37), and it felt like Cish and I were reeling Brian back in. Saw I think 11:55 with 1600 to go and thought 5:04 I GOT THIS, JUST START WORKING. But, I guess I fell to pieces even though I felt focused and thought I was moving. Kept thinking just get back to Cish, get back to Cish, but the pace just kept falling off. Fuck. Third mile as slow as cap dis with a slower start... so much for the "if I had shot for 15:50, I would have run it" theory.

Going to take a few more tries to figure out this distance I guess. Likely the last try on the track for this season but I'll be back. Was at least a better season than "indoor" but there plenty of things that should have been done better, so I have a good idea of where to go from here. Time to start building soon!


Robert LaMarre

UNFAIR track!

Paul Malek

State of the art my AZZ

Jarrett Kunze

I think it was about a second slow per lap

Paul Malek

Haha sounds good to me. That was dirt, right?