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12:00 PM

5 km


5:13 mi


Solid run but I can't say I'm not a little disappointed. Wanted sub-16 and another W, and came up a little short on each goal. Guy from second place last year recognized me but knew he unfortunately wouldn't be pushing me since he told me he was hoping for sub-17. Then Zach Kraus showed up, used to run for New Milford, pretty quick now, 4:22/15:07/25:14 PRs. Was happy about that, had a good chat with him on the line. From the gun we were 1-2 shoulder-to-shoulder. He tried to make a couple moves I was able to cover, and up until about 2.7 we were still right together, but he let off a pretty fast kick that I couldn't quite match. He got me by 3s, 16:07. We were both really happy we had each other there, would have been a lot harder otherwise.

Not a great day for running fast (cold, wind), but not the worst. No visible mile markers this year (? c'mon now), so can only guess at splits. 5:15-5:15-5:10 wouldn't surprise me but who knows... last one definitely felt fast but was into a headwind so no real idea. Minute faster than last year in pretty similar conditions. Ultimately this is an official PR but definitely wanted better. Could have prepared a little better, but ah well, just a fun run, right? Going to keep working for those times, after a short break.

PS MAJOR BUSH LEAGUE ALERT, they removed the top three from age group scoring, which would make sense EXCEPT only the overall winner was given any sort of recognition/prize, so I had to watch a 21:41 guy get the fastest 20-29 award while I got NOTHING, not even a mention for second... major BS, hahaha. Same for 16:54 dude in 3rd who lost out on his age group to a 23:39. BUSH LEAGUE.



DAMN. Shattered my PR. I've got some work to do, considering the trip FEB1?

Jarrett Kunze

ME TOO. but I'll probs just beat Joey in the 1k