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7:25 AM

12.3 mi


6:45 mi


23 F
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COLD morning, 23 to start! Due to some stuff going on at work today, shifted my schedule a bit so I could stay later. CONVENIENTLY, that meant I could get started a little later today and do this all in daylight. Headed out for a double double loop again. Planned on 8E-4T aiming for whatever on the E and 5:50 on the T (though probably faster on the last mile with the downhill). Was feeling pretty good on the E, a little more awake than usual, so figured T would be no problem... but sheesh I could not get moving on that first one! Thought I might be in trouble but stuck it out and apparently overcompensated on the next, though it felt much easier than the first. Next one was at least more appropriate, and 4th about the same considering the downhill. Not great pacing, but I guess it's maybe a little up for debate on what T pace is for me right now anyway. I think I was generally appropriate today though, not dead after by any means. 4/13.1 miles down!