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7:54 PM

5.5 mi


6:53 mi


72 F
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3x(2:30 on, 2 off, 1:30 on, 1:15 off, 30 on, 45 off, 30 on), 5min, ~5k/3k/1500

On the roads, on a ~1400m neighborhood loop, kind of a broken mile workout. Decided what I was doing on the warmup so hopefully rest was appropriate, didn't refer to any previous workouts ahead of time.

EDIT: Looks about right except the 2min rests might have been on the long side.

Not paying too much attention to the splits, easy enough for a split to be off by a hundredth either direction and change a rep's pace by a couple seconds or so since they're so small. Just glad to have gotten some hard work in after procrastinating like crazy again. I guess the good thing about that was by the time I got outside, it wasn't all that hot anymore, though still managed to sweat a ton. I'll admit this one wasn't too fun because A, it's probably my weakest area of workout right now, and B, Achilles are back to having a rough time. Gotta get better about lifting! Had about 20 extra seconds in that last 2min rest trying to stretch out left one but stretching doesn't do much. Wasn't too sure about the third rep but it held up.

So yeah, not an amazing workout, not a horrible one. I'm sure it would have gone a little nicer on the track with some flats or spikes but cest la vie.