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7:30 PM

1 mi


4:33 mi


Yup I can roll with this. Successful trip!

Armory run with my boys JMan and Patches O'Cavanaugh. Seeded myself at 4:32 knowing it would be a 7 second PR, and went out and got it. Happy with how things went, did exactly what I wanted to do ultimately. Honestly (and I know everyone always says this so it might sound empty) I definitely think I'm good for faster, but I wanted to practice being patient, working back into negative splitting fast races, and running comfortably for my own race. Kept it very relaxed for the first three laps, chilling in last place and even falling off the pack a little, according to the video. Starting moving up at 600, and then just worked on pouring on more effort each lap. It wasn't the perfect strategy, but I wouldn't have run much faster any other way. Had a nice kick, got a little boxed with 100 to go, but ultimately satisfied with my finish. Ended fourth in the heat of 12.

Video to follow for splits, but I'm 95% sure I negative split by at least a second, but we'll see soon.

Update... CONFIRMED, about 1.5s negative split and very consistent running for the first 3/4. Like freaky consistent.

1/4mi - 68.6

2/4mi - 2:17.4 (68.8)

3/4mi - 3:25.8 (68.4)

7/8mi - 4:00.0 (34.2)

1mi - 4:32.3h (32.3/66.5)

Bottom line, very satisfied.

Finally picked up a states Q in the mile...(kind of.) Crazy how long I struggled with this distance, and now when I'm not even focusing on it, I'm running better than ever. Keep on rollin...


Jarrett Kunze

Hit me up with that video yo

Paul Malek

Pat has it, he said he'll give it to us after work

Paul Malek

Unless you want the one of Pat because totes put it on dropbox already

Paul Malek

Here's this though


Yo I'll get you that vid WITHIN the hour!


the hour of 5:00

Jarrett Kunze




Paul man, you could have run 4:30 EASY, you play around too much in the back and lane 2. Racing is POSITION and REACTION! C'MON! Sub 9!

Paul Malek

Haha yeah I know, not very savvy at all, but that's why I feel so good about this one, because I know it could have been better and it was even still a massive PR! I'll be ready to RACE on Saturday, not time trial