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6:21 AM

18 mi


7:18 mi


168 bpm
191 bpm


77 F
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WOOF. Well it's 18 weeks out from Baystate... not a great way to start. Out the door later than I hoped but still reasonably early... was close to sleeping for another hour, glad I didn't!

Schedule called for a pretty aggressive workout for day 1 (5E--6M--1T--5M--1T--1E), even with the slower paces at this stage. Checked the weather the night before and consulted a temperature calculator to get a feel for how to adjust paces; it said 6:15 --> 6:33 (MP) and 5:56 --> 6:13 (T). I wasn't sure if that would be doable either, but I figured I'd give it a try. Took a few miles to wake up but got there eventually... though still never felt all that great and things were heating up already. Still decided to pull the trigger on the first M miles. Had a little trouble getting down to the right pace at first but eventually felt pretty decent through 5. The 6th took a quick turn though; legs were suddenly feeling way heavier and was getting a bit of a headache. Thought that I'd change the workout by substituting E miles for the T miles, but also realized bargaining with myself 11mi into a 20mi run meant the run was over. Sure enough, as I started mile 13, I was able to hold pace for about a minute, then started falling off, then called it... legs were bricks. Was holding together alright for a few miles, but after my last water stop a little past 16 I really felt like crap, though got back without much drama.

So... workout was too aggressive, conversions weren't enough, paces probably too aggressive to start with, not enough water before/during, started too late... you name it. Dew point hovering on that line of "oppressive" and "miserable" again. I've trained through the summer (though it's not even summer!) so I know it can be done, but I've forgotten how fun it is...