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9200 m


5:32 mi

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5x1600@T w/ 1min, 6x200@R w/ 200 walk/jog

This went pretty well. I figured 5:40 would be a good pace for the shape I'm in plus the weather today. It wasn't horrible, fairly average warm day for around here, but you feel it on that black track in the sun! Warm enough that I decided to run from Ronnie's with a half-full Nalgene... sipped on that between 1600s and glad I did. Anyway, 1600s were run very evenly, and the first was the only one that started quick... the rest ended quicker than they started. 1min rest between those, 5min before the 200s, and 200 walk/jog between those. Focused on good knee drive and quick turnover on those while trying to stay relaxed. That's about it, pretty standard workout.