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7:10 PM

2 mi


5:09 mi


Last race of the summer at Colonie so I wanted to run. Was shooting for sub 10 best case scenario, but figured I wasn't quite there yet with really just one workout under the belt. Unfortunately, the 2 mile field was weak this week, so I had to lead this one wire-to-wire unchallenged. Ran just about perfectly even 75s for the first mile for about 5:01, though I knew if I wasn't under 5 by a few seconds, sub 10 wouldn't happen. Pace slipped after that, running about 78-82-81-76 for mile 2. It's the same time I ran last year at this meet, but in that race I had 4 guys to go with, plus a slew of workouts by that time. Sure, I would have loved to go faster, but I'm not disappointed. Got the W after all, right?

P̶R̶O̶O̶F̶ ̶O̶N̶ ̶T̶H̶E̶ ̶W̶A̶Y̶

EDIT: THIS IS BS they listed last week's winner as this week's winner again by mistake. Got SNUBBED.

Also, legs felt pretty fresh afterwards, which was nice. Just didn't have the speed endurance to do what I wanted, but I'm far from dead right now.