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3:43 PM

15.1 mi


7:09 mi


72 F
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Pretty bad run but I won't worry too much about it. Kind of thought I was coming down with a little cold on Sat so I'm not too surprised about this. The part that is a little worrisome is the Achilles but we'll continue to take that easy. Went out intending to do a workout but not fully committed. Both Achilles tendons were sore in the morning and left was hurting at times, so knew the smart thing would probably be no workout but figured I'd see how I felt when I got to that point. They were warming up some as they tend to do but I was still having bad steps every so often. On top of that though, I was just feeling WEIRD. Couldn't decide if I felt like I needed to poop or throw up or neither or both and head was feeling off, though not really in the same way as the past few weeks. There was a well-placed port-o-potty at 5 but wasn't super fruitful IYKWIM. Started the workout portion and first mile was ok but not great and was feeling left Achilles more than I wanted to. Second wasn't great and I was feeling out of it and the pace wasn't very good so pulled the plug. I think it was the smart thing to do for sure. Had a little bit of stomach pain on the way back but not too bad.

On the plus side, I'm up to 54% of VCT down now. Got 7.5 past Four Mile Creek trailhead, 7.5 past Herring Creek Trailhead, and the 12.8 in between.