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6:48 PM

10400 m


5:32 mi


58 F
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2x200m, 200walk/jog

4800 @ T(ish), 3min

3200 @ T(ish), 2min

1600 @ 10k(ish), 3min

2x200m, 200walk/jog

Wanted to get a longer workout in today, regular length on Saturday (R or I work, haven't decided), then something shorter and easy on Tues of next week and easy days after that until Bridge Run. Sleep has been bad the past few days (both my fault and not) and started with Achilles tendons and calves a little stiff, so I let the pace be what it needed to be. But as usual, just needed to warm up a little. 5:41-5:38-5:34 on 1, 5:36-5:33 on 2, and (obviously) 5:22 on 3 when I upped the effort a bit to get a feel for (hopefully) 10k pace... at least for the downhill/flat miles anyway. Weather was significantly better, felt pretty good by the 3200. Not a bad day.

And hey, a real Wednesday run!