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10.3 mi


7:20 mi


On the Marrington trails because it's Thursday so I don't have to be afraid of being hunted. Hot to start and wanted a recovery day since the legs were tired, so was keeping it slow. Naturally second half was faster but I didn't let myself pick up much. Was decent out by the end. Stomach threatening at times but by 60 I had no worries. It bothered me for most of the day and last night, though... I wonder if it was from the outdoor water fountain on Tues. I've only resorted to one of those less than a handful of times ever but I was dying on Tues so I thought the reward outweighed the risk. Who knows, maybe that had nothing to do with it.

5k this weekend. It is probably smartest not to race yet since it's so early in the training plan, but I don't want to go to Toga cold!

PS JML can we run toga?