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6:15 AM

12.3 mi


6:55 mi


54 F
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Tried a new route at the INSISTENCE of my Strava fans and I did not like it! Way more traffic, small shoulders in places, more road crossings... not a fan, would have rather double double loopt again. At least now I know for sure. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad in the daylight but I don't think it would be my preference no matter what.

I had a workout in mind but I wanted to play it by ear again. After a very slow first two miles and considering the lack of daylight and the unfamiliarity with the new roads, I figured I'd hold off at least until the second half and maybe completely. But after it started to get a little lighter and I had a sidewalk available to me, I was able to progress fairly naturally. Was all organic until 11 and 12 when I focused a little bit more. Considering I was a little worried whether I'd even get the average pace under 7:30 after the first couple miles, I can't be too displeased. Definitely need a little while to wake up these days...