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3:30 PM

5 km


5:10 mi


Well overall this was a disappointing race but I have no inclinations to hang up my spikes this season yet, don't you worry. It was indeed a PR but I thought at the worst I'd still be able to go under 16, even if I blow up going for 15:30. Blew up just a little too much though. Tough tough second half of the race. Went out slightly quick for 1600, around 4:57, but that's not completely unreasonably fast. Already slowing by 3200, came around in about 10:04. Then it was just hurting for the next 4.5 laps... Kept trying to get back in contact but was falling back, laps must have gotten close to 80, maybe one or two over even? Needed under 73 for sub 16 and really strained but only could produce a 75. Race just went in the wrong wrong direction.

Overall, just a little unrealistic about fitness expectations. I think that if I had went out aiming to run 15:50, I could have run 15:50 or very close. But where's the fun in that! Got a little too ambitious, especially for my first real track 5k. But hey, I had fun working together with Rob and Brian for a little while, even if they ultimately dusted me. It was a fun day and I was excited to race. I do have to figure out how to move forward, but that's a tomorrow task.

Side note, that Eric Young kid about 20s back (with us for a while but dropped harder than I did), won that Troy Literacy 5k 2yrs ago in 15:48, where I was 4th in 16:57. Recognized him immediately so I was surprised to see him fall off the pace but who knows what he's been up to these days. Not me, because he doesn't log on RA.



Eric young said he was a little sick

Paul Malek

Makes sense. Saw he ran 15:36 at CDC last year