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1:15 PM

8 km


5:24 mi


OH hell yes. I don't need no damn 27s.

Extremely satisfied. So, so pumped. In a great spot right now but still with room for improvement. It's still early and I'm going to keep plowing ahead.

Went out very, very conservative, close to the back of the field in the opening stretch, and just took my time from there. If the 3mi was accurate (16:20), I ran very even throughout but still negative split. Kept a cool head and after initial positions got decided in the first mile, only passed people and did not get passed once. I was tired on the last mile, but I had enough not to get burned, even if my kick wasn't blazing. It'll get there!

Very excited to be 4th on the team, but it doesn't indicate that we're sitting in a good spot. However, for the first 8K of the season on a warm day, I know it was due to bad races and not a lack of talent (for instance, Fazio should 100% be up with Jake or at least well ahead of me). Hopefully today sends the message that we need to cut the dumb shit.

PRed by 1m18s (although last year I was slightly gimpy for my season/PR) but it was exactly where I expected/wanted to be. 1s/mile faster than the 6K last week. Group Awesome didn't really materialize today but I didn't get hung up on it. Props to Brian for hanging tough, impressive debut.


Robert LaMarre

so sick


Will I ever get there Paul? Will I?

Paul Malek

Nah 31:09 is your ceiling. I know ceilings and that is yours.