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4:29 PM

8 mi


7:12 mi


54 F
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In IRELAND! Well, Northern Ireland. More later!

Got a little lost! Well, kind of. Had a general idea of where I wanted to go... heard going over the Foyle Bridge and back over the Peace bridge would be about a 5mi loop, and could just run along the water each way. Got to the Foyle Bridge but went up the wrong side of it, so I found myself on the opposite side of 4 lanes of traffic and couldn't really find an opportunity to cross. Plus I wasn't really sure if I was allowed to be on that bridge (I was) because no one else was on it and I didn't know what a couple of the signs meant. Ultimately just turned back and went the same route to get to 8. Found my mistake later on in the week but s'all good.

Nice views! Stopped for quite a few pics. Definitely weird with the cars on the other side of the road... had to triple check whenever I was crossing anywhere. Felt alright considering the travel.