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4:43 PM

8.1 mi


6:27 mi


72 F
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Don't count me out yet, folks! This was just what I needed... not a killer run or an amazing run, but a run that just ended up feeling GOOD at a solid pace. Unintentional progression but just rolled with it because I started the run feeling half decent and got better and better. Easily good for another couple at that pace, but know better than to go too HAM after a few down days. Got poured for the last 10min but I didn't mind it. Possibly just new shoe syndrome (I'm 3/3 for unintentional progression runs on the first run in my last 3 pairs of shoes, this is actually the worst of the 3), but I definitely was also good with working Achilles TPs last night and earlier today. May have figured out why it wasn't too effective before, but I suppose that's TBD tomorrow. Funny how one run can really change your attitude.