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5:10 PM

8.7 mi


7:34 mi


70 F
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Fine Monday running. Didn't want to go quite this quickly but that's where the easy feel landed so I rolled with it. All systems go.

In a funny spot right now where the pace is coming easier but I recognize that primarily slow running got me to where I am right now... internal conflict! Just want to make sure I don't start running too fast on easy runs just because I'm in better shape.

Keeping the mileage up a bit after JML's Rob-inspired comment and discussions with the ofboc. Will aim for another 85+ this week, then go from there.


Paul Malek


Paul Malek

Oh I was actually referring to the fact that I'm not going to start cutting back on miles yet. JML made a comment on my log because Rob basically told him to (hence "JML's Rob-inspired comment"). I was confused because Rob said he hadn't talked to you about my training so I wasn't sure how you would have supported his decision about my mileage haha.

Paul Malek

Gotcha... yeah I didn't phrase it well