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12:30 PM

8 km


5:17 mi


What an amazing day. Last year I wouldn't have thought I'd ever have a chance to run on the regionals team. This year, not only am I on the team, I get to be a part of the highest placing RPI regionals team since joining the Atlantic Region. Very proud to be part of a phenomenal squad of diligent, motivated, smart, hard-working talented runners. No matter what 3PM Sunday brings, everyone should be proud of what they accomplished today. A lot of heart, a lot of guts in everyone's races today. Fantastic.

My hamstring out of nowhere flared up big time under 4km into the race. It made for a very painful race, and I was extremely nervous about making it to the end. I muscled through it, and somehow still got 12 in the last 1400m. Today I wanted to go under 26 and get All-Region. 25:55 got 35th today. Could I have been there if the hamstring didn't act up? I'll never know, and ultimately, it doesn't matter. We would have shrunk the gap to SLU, but couldn't have closed it with something better from me alone. I'm trying not to let it get to me, but something always eats at you. I'm proud of how I did today, I'm proud of how I fought. And here's hoping for one more shot at sub 26.

Splits: 6:27 2km, 16:21 5km (technically an official PR?), 21:42 through 6.6km. Pretty consistent pacing, actually, hamstring and all. 48s faster than my last run at Geneseo. Calling it a PR overall because Bard didn't use tenths of seconds, and today was undoubtedly 8km.


Robert LaMarre

Passed 12 guys in the last mile

Robert LaMarre

What a season

Edward Martinez

My mans