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4:46 PM

8.1 mi


7:23 mi


79 F
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Run with A PAL?!?!

Ran with Sam Peckham, former teammate to the one, the only... RYAN KELLEY. Cool guy fo sho! Hopefully got an occasional running partner for a while... already lined up for Thurs! At his best he can run circles around me but hey he seems happy to have some company too!

On the trails for this one with GPS on, hence the pace on those first 5mi. Told Sam I like slow running on Mondays so he knew what he was getting into. Didn't look at watch once during (i.e. at mile markers) but based on the pace when we got onto the road I'm sure we got a little GPS shorted. He had 8.08 so I'll at least bump to that. It's NBD, I don't care what the pace was, just saying that even 7:23 would be a little quick for my Monday taste and it was likely quicker, but s'all good. Happy to have some good company.