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7:50 AM

16.1 mi


7:05 mi


40 F
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Easy LR through Derry. Did not feel very good today but that's okay. Originally didn't plan on working out because I thought the WO was 3X1T (did close enough to that yesterday), but since it was actually 3x2T, I decided I probably should do something. Since I more or less did T yesterday, I thought maybe I better stick with MP but only if I was feeling up to it. As it turns out, I wasn't really. Also, I didn't want to focus on a WO at the expense of enjoying the sights here, so it got the boot shortly after starting.

Did some climbing today! Certainly a lot more than I'm used to. Didn't really have a route planned or anything, just started exploring and hoped I'd end up somewhere nice. Wanted to run through some classic Irish countryside but couldn't quite figure out the right way to go. Still saw some nice views and enjoyed myself.