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5 km


5:24 mi


70 F

Race Result

2 / 1745 (0.1%)


SO GET THIS, funny story. I go to register today and the lady gives me one of the "untimed" bibs! I eventually noticed it didn't have a chip but I thought maybe they ran out or something and would be recording numbers. As I crossed, announcer was like, "And finishing now in second is... an untimed runner? Hey I think you should sign up for timed next time!" Me too, buddy, me too. Well, guess they really thought I was trying to keep my time a secret. Later they did awards and called out 3rd and 2nd and those guys were confused but were way chill because they tried to tell the guy he missed me but he didn't quite get it. Nice of them but really no big deal to me haha.

It worked out well because I made a RUNNING FRIEND from that! 3rd place guy wants a running buddy and I'm way into that, even if it's like only for long runs or something. He's not in top form at the moment (ran the race on a whim) but from what it sounds like, is MUCH better than me in peak shape!


Race probably went about as well as I could have hoped given the past few days. Largely hip flexor wasn't a problem but I did take ibuprofen for the first time in like a year. Definitely didn't have a 100% natural stride for all of it but overall, discomfort was kept low during the race, and after was worse but about on par with yesterday. After having to navigate around like 100 clowns, worked into 3rd by ~0.5mi in and recognized the guy ahead from previous races as an ~18:30 guy, so it was really just one guy ahead. Never made any ground on that guy, he just took off and ran what was presumably a conservative 16:00 considering he's like a 15:15 guy. I went about 5:15-5:19, so that makes the last 1.1 at 5:32. Yeah, I wasn't going to get caught and I didn't have help, but I can't use those as excuses, I just wasn't doing too hot. No biggie, plenty of time yet. Was only looking for sub 16:30 today.

Fun event, big crowd, people cheering from their houses, everyone going the opposite direction cheering really loudly for me. Found Ronnie after I finished and ran her last 0.5 or so with her.