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2:17 PM

16.1 mi


6:26 mi


39 F
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Solid LR on the VCT again. Wasn't sure how clear it would be but figured based on the roads around here it should be fine. Sure enough, all the asphalt sections (probably 98% of what I ran) were clear with only the wooden bridges still covered in snow. Felt like doing a fast LR since I haven't done much quality this week. Picked a JD workout that seemed manageable and appropriate - 3E-6M-1E-4M-1T-1E. Was shooting for 6:15 on the M and 5:50 on the T. Maybe that's ambitious for the M pace but felt it was appropriate for this run. Got grooving on a lot of those miles and ran most of them quick but it felt good and I don't think they were too terribly unreasonable. T mile was maybe a little slower than I might have expected with the miles before it but it was net uphill and had the most headwind so nothing wrong with it.

It's funny, before this year I would have been raving about this LR, but BM training completely moved the bar for what I consider impressive LRs and changed what I know I'm capable of. I think I respond very well to these types of workouts which makes my marathon PR all the more frustrating but we'll get to that one day. I mean I'm still excited by this because it means I'm definitely getting fit but I also had complete confidence in my ability to do it with appropriate effort and that's pretty cool.

Also, big week! Took advantage of some unexpected free time and can't guarantee that again next week but who knows.