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9:01 AM

5 km


5:19 mi


69 F

Race Result

3 / 181 (1.7%)

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Daniel Island 5k

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Alright yeah yeah yeah, watch had short but there were some GPS troubles with the map. I don't believe it to be short.

Anyway, this is disappointing but not completely surprising. I'm going to blame it on the weather and overly optimistic expectations. 5:35 pace stuff typically feels great these days but 5:15 and under has been a struggle, so I knew a quick 5k wasn't too likely. That said, I've been trying to hype myself up this week because I know at the end of the day I'm not in bad shape. In fact, though I knew 16:15 was probably the best I could expect today, I decided what the heck, let's go with Jay and Eric and see if I can threaten sub 16. Well... you can see what happened. I was just a couple seconds back through 1 mile, still feeling reasonably strong through 2, but 3 wasn't fun and started to fade and give up. According to their mile marks, I went 5:04-5:20-5:29, which honestly I'm more inclined to believe than the GPS's splits... no shot 3 was faster than 2 today. Being on the track might have thrown off the GPS, or something else, or who knows... maybe GPS is right and I just ran like shit today, but I kind of doubt it after my past couple races.

Oh well, it doesn't change anything going into BR, still looking for 33:30-33:59. I'm sure I can run a better 10k than 5k right now, and this week has just felt off. Once upon a time I did fine with warmer temperatures but these days I get rocked on warmer, humid days (not that 70 is all that warm but I got drenched and I'm not ready for it yet!). Everyone I talked to said the same general thing as what I felt... "felt harder than it should have", "expected faster", "ok race but disappointing time", etc., so at least I'm not on my own there. Still went home with some money, lost to two very respectable guys, had a good time.



just run bbby

Robert LaMarre


Paul Malek

That's the plan, fools