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9.2 mi


7:11 mi


Pretty good one everything considered. It was buggy and muggy and the legs felt tired to start, plus warm (though didn't really feel it), but the pace was quicker than last week and felt easier. Relatively quicker, anyway... I have a pretty good idea of pace but I'm just working from landmarks on those trails from run to run. Nothing much to report, pumped AF to be hopping on a plane tomorrow. Only thing that could get me to run at 4:30am...



61 degrees for a high Saturday. The ultimate buster or proof of the HEAT BUMP

Paul Malek

As a PROFESSIONAL SCIENTIST, I'm supa curious. However, something tells me that if the heat bump were any good, the south wouldn't be the worst region... Plus I'm probably not in good enough shape to make any conclusions. But, in the words of Pat Cav inspired by Joey Livote, I'll proceed with unwarranted confidence!