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3:42 PM

9 mi


7:13 mi


22 F
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~2E -- 12x(300 @ R-ish, 300 jog) -- 2E

Set up an 300m interval workout on Garmin. Usually I wouldn't really trust Garmin for such a short interval but I didn't have much choice since I don't think I could have found a clear track nearby. Picked the flat, quiet road in front of my hotel and pre-measured a ~300m stretch just to have a rough idea. The watch measured very consistently each time (except for the two obviously short ones), and mapping that segment now supports it as being 300m or close enough. Not going to sweat the details though, definitely was a good workout. This is one I like to do as a kind of race tune-up, though usually I do it as more of a cut-down workout and NAIL it. This time I quite nail the cut-down but that's tougher to do without intermediate feedback like on a track. Plus, if the splits are to be believed, I was going quick from the start (after 1, that is) so there wasn't much room to go down. Had some things working for me and some against so it should mostly equate to conditions of some previous versions of this WO.