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9:55 AM

13.7 mi


6:34 mi


65 F
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Last LR before Boston! Felt average to start but felt groovy on that second half. Maybe got a little excited but won't let it happen again before the big one. Brought a GU just to practice, not because I needed it for this distance. Pinned under shorts and took during a MP-ish 7th mile just to see what it felt like fiddling with it at race pace. Also sipped water on that mile so clearly wasn't much of an issue, though it wasn't hard to make up for the lost time since it was basically the only quick mile. Was itching to go after that but more or less kept it under control. Same routine as before most LRs. Water on 7 and 12 but could have used a little more today, a little warm. But I know I'll take as much as I can during the actual race.

Hay is in the barn, but I'm still not too clear on exactly how much hay. I've done some good work, but not TONS of good work. I really want to go for it, but I don't want to blow up again. Ultimately I think it'll come down to weather and how I feel on race day. Either way, I'm excited!