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15 mi


6:56 mi

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First good long run in at least a couple weeks but it was a grinder! Thankfully I had Ronnie following on the bike for some motivation and some water, neither of which I would have been able to go without! Again had some trouble getting out the door early, and then when I was ready, my biking partner had some motivation problems of her own, so started around 11 after all said and done. The run started out pretty okay, there was at least intermittent cloud cover, but I got a little excited with bike company as I tend to do. Nothing crazy but I was warming up pretty quick, and the clouds started to disappear completely by ~45, so that didn't help. Minutes actually started passing quicker until 90 but the next 2mi were tough. 87/ heat index 96 by the end, not ideal long run temps but done now anyway.

Pace estimated but it seems fair if not conservative. Ronnie had a tracking app on her phone that she was using but it seems to have trouble with trails, plus sometimes she would hang behind and catch up at lights while my watch was stopped, or take a slightly different route or something. When we were out in the open on roads, I didn't hear splits over 7:00, so using that as a guide.