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6:02 PM

11 mi


6:15 mi


61 F
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Well, that's a nice bounce back from the past two days. Felt great not to feel like crap! Just gotta keep up that sleep and recovery. Another one of those unintentional progression runs I suppose. Should have known with the first mile under 7! Definitely ran faster than expected today but I was feeling great so I rolled with it. Adjusted the distance down a little bit because my watch had me going about 15s fast for the mile I did on the track compared to what I was actually doing. First run in a new pair of shoes always tends to go pretty well.



Calling BS on this workout. There is no way that you ran this... You should remap it so your log reflects what you actually did.

Paul Malek

You're right, it was probably much faster. Thanks, fuckboy.