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6:20 AM

10.3 mi


6:52 mi


33 F
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CHILLY run but I like that! I knew I wanted to do at least 10 today and I was hoping I felt up for a workout, but didn't want too force anything too early in the run. After looking at my training leading to my HM PR, I had progression runs on the mind and that seemed to suit my Achilles best for a morning run anyway. Thought one way to make it interesting would be to just run the first 5 easy, then try to "mirror" those 5 around 7:00 for the 2nd half. Made it kind of interesting on the first half because the slower you go, the faster you have to go later to match, but the faster you go, the less energy you'll have for later. Well... that mostly ended up being moot because I did a pretty bad job of "mirroring," ha. Mile 6 didn't start super comfortably so I was a little worried, especially after the last 3 miles being a little slower than I thought, but with a little push in the 2nd half I got there. 7 started right but then my mind drifted and got moving too much and ended up fast despite trying to slow it down at the end, but that gave me confidence for the rest. 8 started quick but I was really feeling the rhythm so I didn't really slow it down. Was in the 6:0xs for most of it but must have overcompensated for the incline towards the end and was a little surprised with my split. Figured I'd keep it around there for the next one and move a bit more on the last one since that's net downhill. Even still, surprised myself a bit on that mile too.

That's probably more of a log than this merits but hey, it's nice to surprise yourself! Can't always compare myself to my absolute best shape, gotta take the little wins.