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4000 m


4:37 mi

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4x200 @R w/200 jog, 6x400 @R w/400 jog, 4x200 @R w/200 jog... but full disclosure, after the first set of 200s, the first 50m of each jog was a walk because I was hurting

HOLY HECK that hurt worse than it should have. Or, I don't know, I guess maybe it hurt as much as it should have. Temperature was hot but not the hottest day ever (87ish) but OH the humidity/heat index. Yikes, I was DRENCHED very early on. Had a little trouble getting the pace on the first 200s, pretty much nailed the 400s (in contrast to last week), and was pretty dialed in by the final set but OOF, heat was really working its magic. Jogs and cooldown were SLOW but I ain't got no shame. Did it in trainers because I didn't feel like carrying my flats over. I guess it went better than last week's Tuesday? Times were better, conditions were way worse, but I should have been more rested (normal work schedule), so tough to say which is better overall.


Paul Malek

Yes ma'am! Need about 10 weeks to be fully ready though...